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The horizontal band saw is an important machine found in almost every shop. Although simple in theory, this piece of equipment is the start of the machining process.



  • [1] HYD-Mech Model H-14A Horiz. Auto Band Saw
  • [1  HYD-Mech 520A Horizontal Auto Band Saw
  • [1] Kalamazoo H9AWV Horizontal Cut-Off Saw
  • [1] Grob 4V-24, Vertical Cut-Off Saw w/Butt Welder
  • [1] Dake V-16 Vertical Cut-Off Saw
  • [1] Marathon Manual Cold Saw
  • [1] Mikita 2414 Abrasive Cut-Off Saw
  • [1] Dake SE912 Horizontal Cut-Off Saw

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