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Actual comments from recent annual AMG customer surveys:

"Excellent company to deal with in every way!"

"Always a pleasure doing business with AMG. Great people and atmosphere!!!"

“AMG continually shows great interest in our companies needs in pricing, quality and delivery.”

“Great supplier, customer service and overall support.”

“Excellent customer service.”

“AMG has been a big part of our success.”

"AMG goes above and beyond to meet our needs and goals."

"AMG has been very helpful to the growth of our business."

"Thank you for AMG's hardwork to help satisfy our customers."

"Very good communication. I always know AMG has done everything possible to fill our needs."

"AMG has gone out of their way to work with me on our projects."

"Great company. Solid leadership and staff."

"AMG is responsive to our needs, and delivers when promised."

"AMG is very responsive to our needs, and our customers. We consider AMG to be a partner in every way."

"Many companies claim to make “precision sheet metal” but few can match the workmanship of these parts. I am especially impressed with the welding and appreciate the hard work that went into making these."

"AMG is always helpful and accommodating. And AMG quality is great!"

"We have been extremely happy with the service provided from everyone we've encountered with AMG. We appreciate the support provided when our customers asked for a quality review. We would recommend AMG to anyone with confidence."


"Thanks for your timely response.  Your company and all the employees has done an outstanding job on all our work."