Why Choose AMG
for Machining and Fabrication Needs

We are serious about the quality of our work. Our customers require and receive 100% quality on every job which is proven by the number of our customers that are a part of our dock-to-stock programs. Our focus on quality has afforded AMG success in serving several critical industries since 1977. Those industries include but are not limited to the aerospace, nuclear, defense, food processing and communications.

  • Advanced Machining Capabilities

    Our success and longevity go beyond our commitment to quality. It also encompasses our capabilities to perform advanced machining and fabrication requirements. We regularly invest in the newest technology that enables us to produce complex components with a relatively short turnaround time. We follow up our focus on technology with constant training and certification to ensure our staff can leverage our advanced technology to produce precision components as needed.

  • Focus on Service

    Producing high quality end products is critical. We also recognize that having strong relationships with our customers is essential to our mission and our values. Our products and execution are critical for our customers and we believe that our relationships and communication is also a critical component of our success.

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    We work with a wide range of customers across a wide range of industries. If you’re interested in working with us for any of your machining needs, we would welcome a conversation to learn more about how we can assist your business.

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