CAD and Software Capabilities in Virginia

We utilize the latest software packages to enhance the precision and efficiency of our manufacturing processes. This allows us to optimize designs, simulate processes, and minimize waste, resulting in high-quality parts and reduced lead times.

We use software such as SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, FeatureCAM, and PC-DMIS to ensure the accuracy and precision of our manufacturing processes. These software programs enable us to create complex designs and perform simulations to ensure that all parts meet the exact specifications. We review designs on behalf of our customers or work with design files they provide.

We work with the following software and technology platforms

  • Global Shop Solutions (Shop Management)
  • Solidworks CAD
  • Autodesk Inventor Engineering Software
  • PCDMIS CAD++, with offline programming capabilities
  • Feature Cam with Solid Model Capacity
CAD and Software Capabilities

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